A Young Man Puts His Trust In Jesus At The Mall!!

This post is from August of 2017 but I’m just getting around to posting it. By the way shopping malls are a great place to share your faith in Jesus Christ!

A week in a half ago I decided to go to the local mall to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I only had an hour of time to spare. When I arrived at the mall parking lot I prayed to God for boldness, and that he would lead me to the people he wanted me to speak with about the gospel. When I entered the mall I walked around for about ten minutes while praying and looking for people to talk to. I saw quite a few people sitting on benches and walking around. The mall was fairly crowded that day. As I was walking I noticed a young man with a red shirt sitting on a bench, and I made a note of him in my mind that I should maybe speak to him after I circled around the mall not having found someone else to approach. When I made my way back around the mall’s loop, I saw the young man sitting in the same spot, so I approached him.

The Opening Question

I walked up to him, made eye contact, and tossed out my usual greeting and question: “Hello, my name is Samuel and I’m walking around the mall asking people the question, ‘Are you going to heaven?'”. He immediately responded with, “I believe I would”. Then I asked him how he knows that to be true for himself, and he said, “Because I live a moral life”. I asked him a few clarifying questions about his position on getting to heaven and his religious background. I found out that he used to attend church, had been in a bad situation morally, turned his life around, and even had a few near death experiences, but he was not trusting in Jesus Christ to get to heaven.

The Gospel Shared

I used the Way Of The Master evangelism technique, asking him if he had kept the Ten Commandments, and he admitted to breaking them. I then explained to him that God is a just judge who has to give punishment to those who break his law, and that the penalty for us breaking the Ten Commandments is death……eternal death in hell, but that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to earth to die on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins so that we can inherit eternal life. He listened intently to every word I was saying as I explained the gospel, and what it means to trust Jesus Christ as opposed to trusting himself or his own good works to get to heaven. I asked him if he wanted to trust Jesus for forgiveness and eternal life, and he said “Yes, I shouldn’t put off”. I told him that he could pray silently expressing his trust in Jesus or that he could do it out loud, and that I would pray for him.  It was then that the young men bowed his head and silently put his trust in Jesus Christ. We continued to talk more about about what it means to follow Jesus.

The Power Of The Message

Sometimes in a conversation all it takes for someone to trust Jesus is for the gospel to be clearly explained because the message itself is the power of God for salvation for everyone who believes (Romans 1:16), and it’s precisely the message that God uses to cause others to know him (1 Corinthians 1:21).

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Author: Samuel McNair

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